every local coffee shop barista

oh you don’t want oat Milk?? well, THE DOOR IS THAT WAY.
*only oat milk lovers can like this post*

AUSTIN, TX: Sept. 22 & 23rd (THIS WEEK)
Lexington, KY: September 30-Oct 2nd
Plano/Dallas, TX: OCT. 7-10th (MOVED/new date added)
Virginia Beach, VA: Oct 22-24th
New Brunswick, NJ: Nov 4-6th
Jacksonville, FL: Nov 18-20th
Denver, CO: Dec 9-11th
Charlotte, NC: Dec 16-18th
Nashville, TN: Jan 6-9th

Tickets at: https://www.trevorwallacecomedy.com

filmed/edited by @Johnyo

Listen to my podcast @Stiff Socks Podcast every Wednesday on Apple/Spotify and right here on YouTube. (don’t forget to sub heheh)

if ur still reading this go comment “IM TRYNA LINCOLN BUILD”

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