3 breakfast cakes you can easily turn into desserts | Coffee cake | Chocolate cake | Orange cake

Coffee Desserts
Get recipes on our blog:
Coffee Cake → https://theplantbasedschool.com/vegan-coffee-cake/
Chocolate Cake → https://theplantbasedschool.com/chocolate-sour-cherry-cake/
Orange Cake → https://theplantbasedschool.com/orange-cake/

0:00 3 ideas for breakfast cakes
0:12 how to make coffee cake
1:41 how to make coffee custard
3:08 how to make chocolate cake
4:58 how to turn the chocolate cake into a more festive cake
5:35 how to make orange cake
7:09 how to make orange curd

These recipes are 100% plant-based (#vegan), and so without milk, without butter, without cheese, without eggs, and without any animal-based products.

The Plant Based School
Filmed & Edited by Louise
Made with ❤ in our little Italian kitchen.
Nico & Louise 🙂

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