The Exhaustive Review of My Home Coffee Cabinet

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If you’ve ever asked where one of my tools is from, chances are it’s in this video! As promised, here’s everything I talked about today with timestamps and links 🙂
00:00 Intro
01:50 Espresso cups
04:27 Ember mug
06:26 Audible sponsor
07:46 Atmos canister
10:29 Airscape canister
11:37 Hario W60
12:05 OXO French press
13:21 Bonavita
14:36 Rancilio Silvia
16:11 Curious Barista’s Guide
16:52 World Atlas of Coffee
17:20 New Rules of Coffee
17:52 Acaia Pearl
18:56 Pitchers
20:22 Tamp mat
21:17 Nanofoamer
21:58 Umeshiso spoons

Joey Espresso cups:
Kruve Propel:
Ember mug:
Atmos canister:
Airscape canister:
Hario W60:
OXO French press:
Rancilio Silvia:
Curious Barista’s Guide to Coffee:
World Atlas of Coffee:
New Rules of Coffee:
Acaia Pearl:
Slow Pour Supply Pitchers:
Barista Hustle Pitcher:
Tamp mat:
Umishiso spoons:

As a reminder, none of these products are sponsored nor am I profiting from any affiliate links.

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