Hot and cold nutella coffee drinks, #1 Nutella latte, and iced mocha, oddly satisfying,

Coffee Drinks
Hey guys welcome or welcome back to my YouTube channel I am here again with a very simple and easy recipe of amazing Nutella flavoured coffee drinks made with simple ingredients and can be prepared in no time. If you are cold coffee lover or hot coffee lover this video is in your favour so make these and enjoy your Christmas and new year.

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#1 Nutella latte (hot)☕

*1/2tbsp instant coffee powder
*1tbsp hot water
*3-4 drops vanilla (optional)
*1tbsp Nutella
*hot milk
*whipped cream (optional)

Measurement of milk is not given, just fill your cup till 3/4 of it’s rim.
Use a slightly bigger cup than a tea cup.

#2 Nutella iced mocha (cold) 🥤

*1tbsp instant coffee powder
*3tbsp hot milk
*1tbsp Nutella
*1tbsp chocolate syrup
*more chocolate syrup for decoration
*lots of ice
*cold milk
*whipped cream (optional)

Measurement of milk is not given, just fill your glass, glass mug till 3/4 of it’s rim.

Let your mixture cool down before making your drink

And yeah you have to mix everything together before drinking just like drinking dalgona coffee.

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