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Coffee Drinks
What happens when you are stuck at a party with limited cocktail ingredients? Here are some ideas of how to use what you know about mixing cocktails to create something on the fly. Although I hope you don’t find yourself at any of these parties.

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The Delta Special:
Rim solo cup with ramen chicken flavoring
In shaker
1 part Everclear
1 part Mountain Dew
1/4 part Jägermeister
3/4 part Fireball
1/4 part Goldschlager
Strain into glass
Top with Natural Ice
Raman cashew butter and jelly sandwich garnish

Cocoon Coffee Cooler:
1 1/2 part Drambuie
2 parts Vanilla Ensure
1/4 bar spoon instant coffee
1/2 part prune juice
2 drops liquid smoke
Dry Shake
Add ice and shake
Strain into glass
Garnish with Werther’s original

Yoga Retox Collins
Infuse vodka in tea in shaker
In Highball
Add 2 parts coconut water
1 big squeeze honey
1 part lemon
2 parts infused vodka
Put in shaker, add ice and shake
Top with Prosecco
Drink with straw

00:00 – Opener
00:18 – Episode set up
01:35 – Party #1 – Frat Party
03:03 – The Delta Special
05:49 – Tasting notes
07:22 – Party #2 – New Years and the Retirement home
09:24 – Attempt 1 – Cocoon Coffee Cooler
12:35 – Attempt 2 – Cocoon Coffee Cooler
12:43 – Tasting notes
15:12 – Yoga Mom Lunch
15:55 – Yoga Retox Collins
19:30 – Tasting notes
20:03 – Outro

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