“No Breakfast, But I Drink 3 Cups of Our Own Coffee Each Morning… Without Fail!” – Karen Auntie

Coffee Drinks
This is the final video of our 2022 winter holiday in Thailand’s cool season together, and it is SO awesome to have the whole Migrationology family up here in Chiang Mai. We visit a Karen village, a literal haven of coffee wealth, knowledge, of flavor and great vibes, and it is ALSO the first place that I ever personally had a cup of home-roasted coffee!!*

**12 years ago, during my first New Years in Thailand 🙂

Smiling with our new friend Karen Auntie (an elder and member of the Karen community in this area) as she shares about her “Breakfast, maybe… but coffee, ALWAYS!” attitude, something I can understand for sure! :), and what a cool trip back to here to hang out with Mr. Non. Such a blessing to be able to visit a memorable place WITH my favorite fellow coffee-lover, and I hope you’re having as much fun as we are while you’re watching this video.

Thank you for joining us on a very educational visit to the roastery in Mae Klang Luang village (and if you LOVE coffee as much as we do) this is a place I highly recommend! This is also the 3rd video in this series that features coffee as the main subject, you can see we spent our “cool season” time in Chiang Mai very wisely for these few weeks together 😀

Catch the full playlist of villages, incredible food and stories from different hill tribe peoples of Thailand, and all the natural goodness that Thailand has to offer – HERE –

…and have a magical day today! Much love. See you for the next one!

PatiNon Roastery (inside Mae Klang Luang village, on Doi Intanon)

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