Espresso And Orange Juice… But Good

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Alright, y’all, here’s my recipe for a slightly different take on the infamous Espresso Plus Orange Juice

100g sliced cara cara oranges
100g sliced blood oranges
250g cane sugar
125g water
3g stare anice (or 4)
7g cinnamon sticks
Double espresso
8oz Topo Chico/sparkling water

Melt sugar and water together on medium-high heat. Once dissolved, add both oranges and spices. Reduce heat to a simmer and allow to steep/reduce for 10-15 minutes. Strain out solids and leave finished syrup to cool before bottling.
Add 20g (or to taste) of syrup to the bottom of a tall glass. Add ice and then 8oz of sparkling water. Mix. Carefully pour espresso over top (stir in crema for reduced chances of explosion).
Stir carefully.
Garnish (optional).

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