Aerocano: Steamed Iced Americano

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The Aerocano/Steamed Iced Americano is a new take on a classic espresso drink. It involves steaming espresso, water, and ice in a pitcher to incorporate air, which results in somewhat of a nitro cold brew texture and taste.

Shoutout to Reddit user u/Rockboxatx for starting this recent trend

1) Brew a double shot of espresso
2) Add 100g-120g and 4 large ice cubes to a frothing pitcher
3) Pour espresso into frothing pitcher
4) Use your steam wand to froth the mixture. Keep the tip right at the surface and inject air throughout the whole process – don’t bury the tip like you would when heating milk. Inject air for ~10 seconds, long enough to lighten up the color of the liquid but not melt all of the ice.
5) Pour into glass. You can see a nice cascading effect as the denser liquid sinks to the bottom and the foam floats to the top.
6) The resulting drink will be slightly cooler than room temperature. If you’d like to make it colder, add more ice cubes to the glass at the end.

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