Barista Training – Old School Puck Prep V’s New

In this video we are doing more barista training and looking at the difference between old school puck preparation and new, modern puck preparation. Jimmy goes full nerd in this tutorial running the comparison like a proper science experiment. He puts the two different methods back to back and runs three shots using each method measuring the shot times and extracted yield.

The results of Jimmy’s experiment paint a very clear picture and after watching this tutorial you will clearly see how poor, careless distribution of coffee in the basket adversely affects the extraction. Spending those few extra moments taking care to weigh out your dose, distribute the coffee and tamp evenly will really make a huge difference in the flavor of the coffee you are making.

In this day and age there are numerous tools available to baristas to help make this process even easier. We have access to automated tampers which not only makes individual tamp pressure consistent but it also provides uniformity across all the baristas working in the same espresso bar. We have distribution tools like the NCD (Nucleus Coffee Distributor) to evenly distribute the ground coffee around the basket. There are barista scales and dosing pots as well as a whole host of other tools that are becoming more and more popular and utilized by baristas such as the WTD (Weiss Distribution Technique).

Thanks so much for watching we hope this video makes sense and provides enough reason as to why you should be implementing a more modern approach to your puck preparation.

Tools used in this video:

Cinoart Automatic Tamper –

NCD (Nucleus Coffee Distributor) –

Dosing Pot –

Acaia Lunar Barista Scales –

Corner Tamp Mat –

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